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Practical and durable, sisal gives you plenty of exciting ways to create a new look for your living space. Its natural fibres readily take on vegetable dyes, offering you beautiful colour blends or solid tones which you can use to plan your new decorating scheme.  Grown in Africa and South America, sisal yarn then travels to China to be made into these creative floorcoverings so you really will be bringing a piece of the world into your home.  Dare to be different and this hardwearing choice will reward you with its anti-static qualities and low maintenance.


The pale green and yellow hues of our seagrass are a natural reflection of the Vietnamese landscape where it is grown and harvested. After reaching China it is spun and woven into the most natural flooring we offer. With a thin latex backing seagrass will live and breathe in your home, ageing beautifully as its colour tone changes throughout its life.  For even more freshness choose our fine seagrass products, the fibres of which are harvested when the plant is much younger providing a more intense green colour and a vivid way to bring the outside into your living space.


Think of a fresh coconut lying on a beach in Kerala, southern India and imagine bringing this inside your home with one of our coir floorcoverings.  Coconut husk provides the short brown fibres for the tough yarn that is soaked, spun and woven into an exciting range for that real outdoors feeling under your feet. Choose it for your harder working areas and enjoy low maintenance, rustic charm.  Our Coconut matting is a perfect way to protect your floors from unwanted dirt, they can be loose laid or fitted into an entrance matwell. With seven colours available it’s practical and stylish.


Soft and golden, the slender jute fibres from Bangladesh & India love the sun and the humid times of the monsoon season. This is reflected in its appearance when woven into gorgeous silky flooring. You’ll love jute in the quieter areas of your home and experience a calming, soothing feel. What’s more you can relax with the knowledge that jute is recyclable & biodegradable.


Add a splash of colour with our stylish Morocco & new Lazy Days runners. Chose from 8 Morocco. designs, offering classical & contemporary styles influenced by the vibrant colours of a North African market, combined with the latest fashionable tones or select from 6 new exciting Herringbone designs in the narrow width of 60cm (24”) in our Lazy Days collection. These fun alternatives will bring your hallway alive with a retro style of timeless fashion.  For a real unified look throughout your home try combining them with our carefully selected complementary broadloom sisal boucle products. Use our selection grid to find the best option to co-ordinate with your selected runner.Lovingly handcrafted in India and made from 100% Sisal they provide a great hardwearing option for your stairs & hallways.  Available as 60cm (27”) wide for Morocco runners & 60cm (24”) for Lazy Days. They are sure to suit most staircases.


Only a rich wool carpet gives you that warm cosy feeling combined with beautiful textures.  Picture sheep gently grazing in a green field and you can see the natural source of this organic, renewable fibre that’s as versatile as you want it to be.  Soft and luxurious or dense and functional, you’ll find something to suit every area of your home and wide choice of colour from pale neutrals to darker indulgent tones - and don’t miss our stylish stripes for a real statement.  We travel the world to source the finest wool carpets from across Europe and as far away as New Zealand to provide to provide an extensive and exciting range from which to choose. Make our world your home…