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Kahrs - a natural product that lasts for generations


Kährs wood floors are natural products crafted to the highest quality.

Wood floors last for generations, which add to their eco-friendly credentials. At Kährs, we invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring the quality and origin of our raw material. We also have the market’s most ambitious environmental programme and implement holistic thinking when it comes to the manufacturing process, which includes energy efficiency and optimal management of resources.

The widest choice on the market

Kährs offers an extensive range of wood floors, in order to meet the various demands in terms of looks, durability, quality, flexibility and value. Our customers include private individuals, owners of offices, shops, public areas and sports facilities, and even industries.

Kährs flooring range consists of several different product groups, all of which feature our award-winning multi-layer construction:

  • Kahrs Supreme
  • Kahrs Original
  • Kahrs Spirit
  • Kahrs Linnea
  • Kahrs Activity Floor