Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers

Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers

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  1. Carpet Gripper Rods - Dual Purpose Short Pin
  2. Carpet Gripper Rods - Dual Purpose Standard

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High-Quality, Easy to Install Dual Purpose Carpet Grippers

Carpet slips are not only a safety risk but can also make your space look untidy. But you can solve them by getting our dual-purpose carpet grippers. They help hold your carpet in place securely, ensuring a neat finish to your floor coverings.

You should fit the carpet grippers before installing your carpet to prevent any carpet movement. Our dual-purpose carpet gripper is ideal to use on wooden, concrete, or hard sub-floors.


Durable and High Quality

Our dual-purpose carpet gripper rods are thick and rigid, giving them exceptional holding strength and grip. It is also made from superior quality 5-ply plywood with galvanized pins and zinc-plated nails to maintain the appearance of your floors, especially when vacuuming. What’s more, its sturdiness ensures it holds your carpet in place for longer.

Reliable Pre Installed Fixing Nails

Pre-nailed with dual-purpose nails, our carpet mat grippers require knocking down into your floors to give great hold to it. The nails have tough hardness to penetrate and hold in any type of floor. It is also available in a short pin height for trouble-free installation without causing damage to your floors.

Smooth and Consistent Roll Edge Finish

With a pronounced bevel edge for an easy and dependable roll edge finish, our carpet mat grippers have a rod length of 1.52mtr or 5ft.

Easy to Install

Our gripper rods are easy to fix. All you need to do is stick the carpet gripper to your floors and the pins will hold on to your carpet.

Carpet Grippers Near Me: Shop Online

Looking to give your space a professional finish? Dual-purpose carpet grippers from Buy Flooring Online can get the job done. For commercial or residential use, we have premium carpet grippers that help prevent your carpets from moving around. We ensure to ship your orders within 1 working day of receipt.