Buy Moduleo LayRed Flooring Online

At Buy Flooring Online, we stock the best quality flooring products including the premium brand Moduleo® and their new LayRed range featuring easy engineered click fitting.

Introducing Moduleo LayRed Flooring

Moduleo LayRed is a luxury flooring option that properly combines the beauty of natural wood and stone flooring combined with the practicality of engineered click installation. Moduleo LayRed even includes an integrated underlay ensuring easier and quicker installation along with better sound dampening.

Beauty And Performance for Commercial and Residential Use

Our range of Moduleo flooring features a TwinGuard PU protective layer, making it water, scratch, and stain-resistant.

So, no matter whether you’re searching for the perfect flooring for your home or trying to find something for commercial applications, Moduleo can be a great option for you.

Why Should You Use Moduleo Flooring?

If you’re still not convinced, feel free to browse our range of products and see for yourself. Moduleo flooring is stronger than ever with a soft luxury feel and silent acoustics, designed to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstances. Find your perfect flooring today!