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  1. Amtico FloorCare Adhesive Remover (250ml)
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  2. Amtico FloorCare Dressing
  3. Amtico FloorCare Maintainer
  4. Amtico FloorCare Spillage Remover (500ml)
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  5. Amtico FloorCare Starter Kit
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  6. Amtico FloorCare Stripper

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Amtico Floor Cleaning Products

How To Care For Your Amtico flooring?

Amtico luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floors are designed to last and are easy to care for. A light sweep and a mop are all that’s needed for regular cleaning – and we recommend a yearly deep clean to remove ingrained dirt and freshen up your LVT floor. By adding an Amtico Indoor Cotton Mat at doorways, you can help to protect your floors all year round.

Which Amtico Floorcare Products To Use?

A concentrated cleaner and maintainer with a fresh citrus aroma for routine cleaning that will achieve the best results for Amtico floor maintenance. It is specially formulated for spot cleaning and regular maintenance of your Amtico floor, giving your floor the professional-level results it deserves.

A specially formulated floor dressing and polish with a satin finish, which will help provide added protection and floor shine against scuffing and scratching. The floor care dressing can be used to protect new or old Amtico floors. This includes vinyl, rubber, and linoleum floors making it a great multipurpose floor dressing.

To keep your floors in great condition, this dressing remover should be used now and again to strip them of layers of old dressing. Non-corrosive dressing remover suitable for most vinyl, rubber, and linoleum floors - Amtico Floorcare Stripper is an effective product to safely remove old Amtico Floor Dressing from your Amtico floor. Can also be used to revive poorly maintained Amtico floors by removing ground-in dirt and grime.  One bottle will strip approximately 50 square meters; dilute according to instructions, then apply, rinse and dry before applying a coat of Amtico's Dressing.

Where To Buy Amtico Floorcare Products?

If you're looking for a reliable floor cleaner for your new Amtico wood flooring, we've got you covered!

At Buy Flooring Online we have huge stocks of the official Amtico Floor Cleaning Products so you can keep your new Amtico floor looking and feeling like new!