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Floor Cleaning

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  1. Amtico FloorCare Adhesive Remover (250ml)
    £13.44 Bulk Buy £11.83
  2. Amtico FloorCare Dressing
  3. Amtico FloorCare Maintainer
  4. Amtico FloorCare Spillage Remover (500ml)
    £11.51 Bulk Buy £10.13
  5. Amtico FloorCare Starter Kit
    £18.72 Bulk Buy £16.48
  6. Amtico FloorCare Stripper
  7. F Ball - Styccoclean C140 Floor Cleaner & Contaminant Remover (5ltr)
    £24.20 Bulk Buy £21.30
  8. F Ball - Styccoclean Solvent (500ml)
    £27.52 Bulk Buy £24.22
  9. Karndean - FloorCare Starter Kit
    £35.99 Bulk Buy £31.67
  10. Karndean - Refresh
  11. Karndean - Remove
  12. Karndean - Routine Cleaner
  13. Stikatak Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover 400ml
    £11.34 Bulk Buy £9.98
  14. Wood's Good Wood Flooring Cleaning Kit (Lacquered)
    £24.59 Bulk Buy £21.64
  15. Wood's Good Wood Flooring Cleaning Kit (Oiled & Waxed)
    £24.59 Bulk Buy £21.64
  16. Wood's Good Wood Flooring Cleaning Spray (Lacquered) - 750ml
    £16.15 Bulk Buy £14.21

16 Items

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Floor Cleaning Products

A floor is the most eye-catching part of any home but keeping it clean can be challenging at the best of times. Buy-Flooring-Online aims to deliver the best quality cleaning and maintenance products to help you keep your floor surfaces sparklingly clean and shiny.

No matter how new your floors are, they’re going to look old and unpleasant if they don’t get a good routine cleaning. While sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming will get the small messes out, sometimes they just don’t cut it. For big messes, stains, and old or worn-out carpets, you’re going to need something a little more substantial. 

What Are The Different Types Of Floor Cleaning Products?

There are a variety of different cleaners for a variety of other stains, messes, and contaminants. You just need to know which one is right for your job.

For removal of adhesive or any other sticky stuff, browse the Buy-Flooring-Online website for glue cleaner, sticky stuff remover, and a wide range of other cleaning products such as wipes and floor polish from leading flooring brands such as Amtico and Karndean.

Things like floor maintainers, contaminant removers, and spill removers will help your lovely new floor last longer and make your old floors look like new again. 

That’s not all, though. You also need the correct cleaning solution if you want to replace your flooring or install something new. For that kind of project, things like adhesive removers, stripping agents, and cleaning solvents may be in order.

Where To Buy Quality Floor Cleaning Products?

Buy Flooring Online is a recognised and well-established website selling many different types of flooring installation products.

Whatever your needs are, we have the solution for you. We’ve got cleaners, finishes, stain and contaminant removers, solvents, and much more! Each of our cleaning or solvent products has detailed product descriptions on their product page.