Ardex - FA20 (20kg) Rapid Drying, Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound for Timber Floors

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Ardex - FA20 (20kg)
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Ardex - FA20 (20kg) Rapid Drying, Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound for Timber Floors

ARDEX FA20 is an advanced fibre reinforced smoothing and levelling compound, featuring MICROTEC technology that is designed to rapidly smooth and level new and existing substrates prior to applying a floor finish. ARDEX FA20 can be applied to timber floors, flooring grade asphalt and existing substrates with adhesive residues. ARDEX FA20 can normally be walked on after approximately 2 hours at 20°C.

ARDEX FA20 will level and smooth, in a single application, all uneven, dry, internal subfloors including concrete, cement/sand screeds, anhydrite screeds flooring grade asphalt, timber and non-moisture resistant chipboard; along with ceramic/porcelain tiled floors and well adhered non water soluble adhesive residues.

Technical Information:

  • Appearance: Polyethylene Lined Paper Sack
  • Bulk density: approximately 1.2kg/litre
  • Fresh weight of mortar: approximately 1.8kg/litre
  • Pot life (20°C): approximately 30 minutes
  • Walkability (20°C): after approximately 2 hours
  • Suitable for wheelchair
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating system


Approximately 1.4kg of ARDEX FA20 powder/m2/mm, e.g. one bag will cover approximately 5m2 at 3mm thickness. NOTE: The coverage figure above is based on a flat level surface, additional material should be allowed for where the surface is rough or uneven.


Pour the mixed ARDEX FA20 onto the prepared subfloor to the required thickness in one operation. ARDEX FA20 mortar can be applied and smoothed with a finishing float or a steel trowel. To achieve optimum benefit from the fibre reinforcement, it is advisable, when dealing with substrates such as floorboards, chipboard, dry screeds, etc. to apply the compound at right angles to the continuous joints.

Application Over Underfloor Heating - The screed/concrete subfloor should have been laid in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1. The underfloor heating system should have been commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1. Once thermally cycled and commissioned the underfloor heating system should be turned down to 15°C before the installation of the ARDEX FA20 smoothing compound and final floor covering. The underfloor heating system should then be gradually re-commissioned to avoid rapid thermal shock and temperature variation.


The standard mix is suitable for applications from 3mm to 10mm. For thicknesses between 10-20mm on to cement/sand screeds or concrete, add up to a third by volume of ARDEX COARSE AGGREGATE. Mixes with aggregate may require a subsequent smoothing layer of ARDEX FA20. 
If an additional smoothing layer of ARDEX FA20 is required, this should be applied as soon as the floor becomes walkable. If the surface of the ARDEX FA20 has dried, then it must be primed with ARDEX P 51 Primer diluted 1:3 with water.

Drying and Harening:

ARDEX FA20 dries and cures rapidly. Levelling layers up to 10mm are ready to receive floorcoverings after 24 hours at 20°C. For thicker layers the drying time is 2 days.

Storage and Shelf Life:

ARDEX FA20 must be stored in unopened packaging, clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and be protected from excessive draught. If stored correctly, as detailed above, the shelf life of this product is 6 months from the date shown on the packaging.

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